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I was really hoping this would be featured. Fantastic job.

Thanks dude, that means a lot!  I hope I get featured some day :)

The screeching noises when you touched the vignette scared me so much :D

You really managed to build a great atmosphere and the fact that you made this in one day is completely mind blowing. Great job! :D

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Genius idea for a 1 day execution, you did very well Ezra! Do check out me and my friend's submission for the game jam(game: Journey to the Top) and if you can please give us feedback, very appreciated !

okay game, but quite impossible (especially the third spike thing with the girlfriend. not enough time!)


That's the point ;) Have you tried jumping off the edge at the beginning?

OH! :O

I... totally didnt consider that :-/

Will try it now :-)

Excellent! I like the way you use how players approach games in general against them. I like the idea

Thank you, Maxparata! 

I can't believe you made this in one day! So good, I love the concept and the way the view changes over time.

Thanks for the feedback Natrix!  Pixel graphics make a game look more polished than it actually is I guess :)

Beautiful game. Loved the idea, meaning and execution. I also really liked the art style! Great job


Thanks ForeverMuffin!


Like your creativity of increasing noise and decreasing the view !! Awesome !!

Also the art style is just perfect match too goood !!

Thanks so much DSTwins!!! Glad you enjoyed it!